And then there was a baby

This news story is a bit dated. A little over a month old to  be exact, but hey, sometimes old news is the best kind. At least if it’s already happened you know that it’s true, right?

Anyway, we have a new baby in the family. A little girl to be exact, born last month on a day when I was wondering about her arrival, but wasn’t thinking it was time yet. Thinking that I still had a week to prepare. But you know how those babies are, they like to catch you unawares and mess with your plans. I am just grateful that everything went smooth and that a healthy baby was there waiting for me.

Standing in the field waiting to be exact……
September Baby ~ From a Montana Front Porch

There she stood, a bundle of brand new cuteness.

Pride. Excitement. Pride. Ya, I’m one happy mama right now.

So is Mama.
September Baby ~ From a Montana Front Porch

September Baby ~ From a Montana Front Porch

But with a face like this, how could you not be?!
Skeeter baby ~ From a Montana Front Porch

Welcome to the world, Skeeter-bug!

Love from one infatuated mama,



And the unveiling reveals….

The clouds have been sticking really low the last three days. All huddled together whispering, they never once broke ranks.

Like children huddled behind a closed curtain on the big school stage, they whispered and jostled and bounced around in excitement until they were finally given the go ahead to start the show.

The opening act lasted for days and as they poured down their rain in one large mass you couldn’t tell one cloud from the other. We sat patiently through this part, enjoying the fun they were obviously having and knowing that eventually they would move on to the next scene. As the curtains closed on act one, we waiting expectantly…..

As the curtain slowly pulled back for act, two the first thing we noticed were how the clouds were starting to become individuals again. They were still huddled, just in smaller groups this time, but what caught our attention and what made us look closer, was the way they were expectantly watching us. Waiting for us to notice the grand unveiling, they twittered behind their masks, some looking excited, some nervous.

As our eyes took all of this in, we also noticed in amazement what this grand unveiling revealed. Being unexpected, there was a moment of stunned silence when the clouds that were nearest their creation gathered closer, ready to hide it at the slightest hint of disappointment from those of us watching. As we let the sight sink in though, they must have seen in our demeanor an acceptance, and maybe an excitement at the thought of future scenes to come, for they seemed to all release a collective breath together as the curtain slowly sank back down, preparing for the next show.

Those of us in the audience are now the ones whispering and jostling each other as we expectantly wait for the rest of the show, wondering just what they have in store for us next.

And what was the grand unveiling, you may ask?

First snow in August ~ From a Montana Front Porch

First snow in August ~ From a Montana Front Porch

Love from the audience,



And once again….

Well, once again I made my plans, only to find out that that truly was not the way things were going to turn out.

Once again I fell months behind in writing and that is because, once again I turned this writing thing into one more thing on my to-do list instead of simply writing because I love it.

Once again I started to worry about what I “should” be writing about to hold everyone’s attention, instead of simply writing for the joy of it. I’m pretty sure that is why those of you who do read this humble blog, well, read it. I’ve come to find that I don’t fit into any one niche in this crazy world of writing/blogging and I am coming to accept that.

Once again the time has flown far faster than I can wrap my mind around and fall is definitely in the air. Don’t ask me where summer went, I’m still trying to figure that one out myself. And that means that once again so many of the things I wanted to do while the weather permitted simply didn’t get done. I’ll get over it….eventually.

Once again the weather is cooling, the leaves are slowly starting to change and the mice and woodrats have decided to make their way indoors. The cats and dogs can’t work fast enough to catch all of them and it makes me wonder about this winter, what do they know that we don’t? Better get the boys to stacking more firewood.

Summer went without me posting one picture or post on here and I took so many photos that I know I will have to play catch-up over the next couple of posts to share them all. Well, not all. You probably don’t want to see a couple thousand, but I will try to cover the highlights.

I hope your summer has treated you well and that these last couple weeks will be enjoyed to the fullest.

Love from here,


If patience were a blanket

Patience – Calm endurance of hardship or annoyance or inconvenience or delay.

If patience could be described as a blanket, I can honestly say that I am not a decorative crochet throw. I’m also most definitely not a water shedding woolen. I probably fall into the comfortably knitted category. You know, the one that stretches at those times when you need it to the most, but isn’t always that accommodating.

As a human, patience is a concept that I know to be good. As they say, patience is a virtue. We applaud those who can exemplify this trait.

As a human, I struggle on a daily basis with this. A lot of people ask me how I do it with all the kids at home all the time. How do I hold onto my patience all the time? HAHAHAHA, the secret is that I don’t. The kids would be the first to tell you that. I have had ten years to adjust to having the kids at home. If you had thrown me into a house with five of someone else’s kids I would have gone crazy. But these monsters are mine and I know them.

We have raised them to be unique. We have been raising country kids that are not afraid to get dirty,

to play rough,

to speak their minds (within reason of course), or to engage whole heartedly in the life around them. We didn’t want meek little mice for children and we didn’t get them.

No, my patience doesn’t usually run short with our hooligans. It runs short with adults that want our kids to fit into their idea of a perfectly behaved child. It sets my teeth on edge and my mind to whirling with all of the very unkind things I would like to say. How I would like to say that if I wanted advice from parents who only have little girls on how an eight year old boy should act, that I would ask for it. How if I wanted children that were so meek and timid that they couldn’t look a smiling adult in the face, I would definitely come to them, but that I haven’t reached that point in my parenting yet. Ah yes, the unkind things that swirl around my mind but thankfully never come out.

Hmm, maybe I’m a tighter knit blanket than I thought…

Love from my needing to rant self,





Instagramish week 7

Spring is being a tease this year. Showing up one day to show us his undershirt of green, and the next covering back up with his fancy jacket of white. One of these days I just know he is going to get tired of his own game and decide to stay for good. I do believe we will all greet him with open arms. Some of my favorite instagramish moments from this last week,

Some random thoughts, Why is it that when kids get sick they have to do it on different days? Why not all at once? It would be so much more convenient. Maybe I should bring that up with them next time.

Calving is about half way done now and we can’t wait for it to be over. However, with so much cute running around all over the place, I really do love this season! Stressful yes, worth it, definitely!

I’m in search of a milk cow. When we weren’t looking for one, they were all over the place for sale. Now, I can’t even find one! Anybody want to mail me one? I’ll share…..

Have you ever made a list of all the things that you would like to learn about, or learn to do? I made one this last week. I was fascinated by the variety of things on that list that I had never stopped to think about until I had them written down. I went ahead and decided to venture into two of them right away, so I dug out my knitting needles determined to really try this time around. Then I ordered a book on embroidery and new needles. They came today! It’s the little things that cause the most excitement for me, and this was a high point for me.

The highest point of my week though, happened yesterday. Little Jolly Rancher said “home”!! I was a bit of an emotional wreck after that, but in the best possible way. I hope your week is full of all of those little moments that mean the most.

Love from here,


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Little Jolly Rancher

I was told that to become a good writer, you need to write about not just the things that come easily to you, but the hard stuff too. The things that scare you. The things that make you cry. So, that’s what I’m here to do today.

This post  has been in my heart and mind for many months now, bumping around, forming itself into something that is now telling me it’s time. It’s time to let it out there and hope that in doing so it will encourage someone else.

Little Jolly Rancher ~ From a Montana Front Porch

Everyone, meet Little Jolly Rancher. Aptly nicknamed by an uncle that got it right. He is always happy, and sticky, just like a Jolly Rancher. He is a joy in his laughter and his smile that starts in his eyes and moves out to encompass his whole being. Full of energy and never sitting still like every little boy is supposed to be, he loves to be in the thick of it all, especially when his siblings and other kids are present. He reminds me daily how to embrace every happy moment that comes along and shows me how to not let the little things get me down. He is the embodiment of the word try. He is my joy and constant source of laughter, and he has Cerebral Palsey.

I don’t say that out-loud.   Ever.

Why? Because yes, he has a severe muscle delay which means he can’t walk or talk yet, but that is not who he is. He is not a disability. He is a little boy who has been given a big hurdle to cross, but it is not his future.  I do not want him growing up and being held back, or worse, holding himself back, because of a label.

Little Jolly Rancher ~ From a Montana Front Porch

His CP is a reason why some things are the way they are, but it will never be an excuse. That is why I never say it out-loud. Even when we are approached with the question. It seems innocent enough, but it is always asked after a stranger has been observing Jolly Rancher and noticed some of his quirks. They will come and ask how old he is. Simple enough, but the fact that they never ask about the other kids is what gives it away. I always respond the same way, a smile, his age, and…nothing else.  In response you receive the vague “oh”, followed by an awkward silence where the mental questions and responses swirl around in the air between you but never get spoken.  Even though  the quick explanation of  “he has CP” is right there waiting to be said, I don’t allow myself to go that far.

As parents, we want to explain why things are the way they are, because we don’t want someone to think bad things about our kids when they throw a fit or don’t respond to a question or simply just ignore you. That one little phrase, he has CP, could make things easier I suppose.  In this case though, I like to think I am doing the right thing by keeping his future open to all possibilities. I never want him to think for one second that he himself can use it as an excuse to not give his all. He has big things in his future and we are doing everything we can to make sure a silly little label can’t stand in his way.

Little Jolly Rancher ~ From a Montana Front Porch

There are so many things that I could go into on this subject but I am going to stop for now. I need to sit back, have a cup of tea, and say another prayer that putting this out there is going to help someone, because like I said, it is not something I just casually talk about. Thank you for letting me ramble.

Love from here,