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Whats a home without some chickens?

When we first moved here we had chickens. Our dogs killed them the first day. Not a good day in this household.

Just when I thought about getting more, they burned down my chicken coop. Again, not a good day in this household.

A friend of mine wanted to find a new home for her chickens. Wonderful day in this household!

We finished the temporary yard and house and welcomed our newest family members. In the spring we will build a bigger house for them, but for only a few chickens this will do for now.

Happiness is mine!

The girls

The house

Miss Polly

Miss Cora

Miss Dori

Debating how to get rid of me.

Freeze and she won’t be able to see us!

I left after finding the prize.

Good job, girls. Good Job.

From the Henhouse,


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  1. Super-like!! And super-jealous. :)

  2. Fun, I loved having chickens. That one on the right looks like a double-yolker! :)

  3. I love the respect given the chickens. “Miss”. :)

  4. I also wish that I had chickens. Someday I’m going to get some!

  5. Chickens are awesome. Everyone should have chickens. Not so sure about the dogs though. :P Bonus points for the kitten, however. Ours was gotten in July, and is now about 4 months old and growing like a fuzzy beanstalk. He’s almost adult cat size already. He answers to ‘Kitty’, ‘Hey Cat’, and ‘Pufftard’. ;)


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